In response to someone’s suggestion that I was unwilling to change my mind…
I really started my journey when I was 17, when I met someone who told me of a God who had predicted the future, was bringing those predictions to fulfillment, was in control of world events, and had made it possible for me to know him. When I got out of the car ( I was hitchiking), I said to God, wherever he was ‘God if you’re really like that, I want to know you. I don’t want to go on living my life ignorant of you.’ And lo, and behold, amazing things started to happen which could never be just coincidental, because they were not only circumstantial, but experiential. It took a year, but the pieces finally all fit together, and I could say I knew him.
That was 40 years ago. I’ve had a life with Him all that time, albeit still stubbornly insisting on my own way often, and suffering the consequences. It’s tough to surrender pride and the other natural human tendencies, despite all I am saying.
I took the time (several years) to look into the YEC thing, and was amazed at the abundance of strong evidence for it, in every relevant field and area.
I previously said in another comment that a scientist I referred to, and have read, has changed his view on a particular scientific explanation, and that I don’t really care what the specific details are of that one aspect of what we observe.  So not only is this author publicly changing his view, but I am not holding steadfastly to one explanation. That’s not ‘unwilling to change!’
Of course I wouldn’t walk away from the God who loved me enough to take my penalty on himself, allowing me to experience His fantastically abundant life in exchange for my self-centred, proud existence.
I’m very literally married to Him. Just as I vowed ’til death do us part’ when I got married to a woman here, I’m committed, in sickness and health, etc., only in this case, upon death we’ll actually be united completely. And sexual union is a pale, pale shadow of what union with our Maker is.
You have no concept whatsoever of the reality of this, and I get that, and I know why. That can change, however, but the first step is to acknowledge that He exists. The second step is to acknowledge that He rewards those that diligently seek Him. The third step is to seek Him. The fourth is that you will find Him. Then a whole new adventure begins.
Only an idiot who knows this reality from personal experience, and observing it in the lives of countless others, would entertain ‘what could possibly change your mind?’ What, go from the King’s table to eat in the gutter?
No thanks.